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Tips for an Alkaline Diet

Monday, September 3rd, 2012


Aside from the general discomfort from eating a diet with too much acid like heartburn, too much acid in our bodies creates an environment that allows yeast, viruses, and parasites to thrive. The ideal body pH is 7.4, and the closer our bodies are to our ideal pH, the better we feel and the easier it is to maintain long-term health. Anything over 7 is considered alkaline; less than 7 is acidic.

Examples of acidic foods include red meat, sodas, coffee, fried foods, dairy, and alcohol.  The opposite of acidic foods are alkaline ones, and eating an alkaline diet can help improve metabolism, energy levels, digestion, and overall health.


To keep your body in balance here are a few tips:


1. Eat green veggies! These are very alkalizing and should be incorporated into every meal of the day.

2. Drink water with lemon or lime, which are both alkalizing and help rid the body of toxins.

3. Exercise regularly to help sweat out toxins.

4. Eliminate or reduce red meat, fried foods, soda intake.

5. Drink low-acid coffee instead of regular. HealthWise Coffee has a pH of 6.18, whereas most other options are highly acidic at 5-5.5.

National Nutrition Month

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

March is National Nutrition Month!  Everyone knows nutrition plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy body and protecting against chronic disease, and here are some ways HealthWise Coffee can help:

  • - Antioxidants: These help protect the body against disease, by fighting off free radicals which attack healthy cells and cause illness. Coffee is the leading source of antioxidants in the US diet, and over half of Americans enjoy it each day.
  • - Minerals: Minerals are essential for normal body functioning, from bone health to the ability to focus. HealthWise Coffee has a patented roasting formula which allows it to retain more minerals than other coffees. Drinking HealthWise can significantly contribute to your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of these minerals:

Calcium                4.6%
Potassium           18.6%
Iron                     12.9%
Zinc                      6.4%

  • - Low Acid Content: The typical American diet is too acidic, and millions of Americans rely on medication to control their stomach discomfort. The human body should stay in the pH range of 7.35-7.45, and those who go beyond this desired range can suffer from kidney, bladder, heart, and joint issues. HealthWise Low Acid Coffee has the most neutral pH of all of the coffee brands we tested in the HealthWise pH Challenge. With the risk of an upset stomach gone, you can enjoy more coffee as well!
  • - Protective Elements: Coffee has been shown in several studies to protect against certain types of cancers, Type-II diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and more.