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Nov 01, 2012

Proton Pump Inhibitors

With all of the acidic foods in the typical American diet, it’s no wonder why Acid Reflux is one of...
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Sep 29, 2010

Today September 29 is “National Coffee Day”

Something so ubiquitous as coffee deserves its own day…and today’s the day! Legend has it that a goat herder by...
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May 31, 2010

FDA Gives Warning on Acid Reflux Pills

Last August 2009, we reported in this Blog about a study that was reported that month in the Canadian Medical Association Journal...
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Nov 21, 2009

Results of the HealthWise “pH Challenge”!

As announced in the October 2009 Newsletter and a recent press release, HealthWise Gourmet Coffees is pleased to announce the...
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Aug 19, 2008

Acid Reflux Pills May Lead to Bone Loss and Hip Fractures

If you have acid reflux and are taking pills for it, this would be of interest to you. According to...
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