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100% Colombian Gourmet Supremo
Your coffee drinking pleasure is about to be improved and made healthier through our FDA approved proprietary 100% natural TechnoRoasting™ process. We have virtually eliminated all the excess acid and irritants that cause heartburn, without flavor loss and without resorting to steam blasting, which vaporizes some of the flavor elements. All HealthWise Coffees are smooth and mellow tasting. We invite you to try our coffees…. and see for yourself why we consider HeathWise coffees to be truly exceptional!

Welcome to the Site of the Most Healthful, All-Natural Coffee!

You certainly have many coffee choices, but very few low acid coffee choices.  Thank you for taking the time to check us out.     

If you are new to HealthWise, please know we have Free Shipping for all of our low acid coffees, provided that a minimum of two cans or bags are purchased.

Coffees in cans are available in sets of two, five, nine and twelve.  The greater the purchase quantity, the lower the per unit cost.  

For Decaf lovers, please know that our decaffeinated low acid coffee in cans is 99.9% caffeine-free using the chemical-free SWISS WATER Process.  Our Decaf coffees use NO CHEMICALS in the decaffeination process. 

The pH of our coffee has been tested at 6.18, which is closer to the neutrality of water than just about any coffee on the market!

HealthWise coffees are 100% coffee - no additives, no mushrooms or herbs, or anything added. We are unlike companies which turn good coffee into an adulterated beverage, or steam-blast out acid to the detriment of flavor.






On a Per Cup basis, HealthWise low acid coffees provide a tremendous value....about $.10 per cup!   HealthWise is able to achieve a low cost -- even when using the finest beans -- because of its unique roasting process. 

All U.S. orders -- with the exception of cases -- are shipped 2 to 3 Day Priority Mail.  Cases of 12 are shipped Fedex Ground.  Please note that order fulfillment for coffees in bags may be delayed as we roast in small quantities and occasionally we run out.   For orders from Canada, please call 800-984-0000 or 847-382-3230 to place your order.   

HealthWise coffees are a great item to use for fundraising ventures for non-profit organizations.  Please call 800-984-0000 to discuss how this would work for your church, school or other non-profit organization.


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Certified 100% Gourmet Colombian Arabica Beans OK Kosher CertificationUSDA Organic Decaf Coffee is made using the SWISS WATER chemical free, pure water method. Endorsed by the Vatican