HealthWise Coffee Announces Results of its “pH Challenge”

Deer Park, IL: (11/09) HealthWise Gourmet Coffees LLC is pleased to announce the results of its recently-conducted “pH Challenge,” which measured the degree of acidity of various well-known coffees, as well as the acidity of other coffees that are considered “low acid.”

“We frequently receive questions about the pH value of HealthWise coffee and how it compares to other coffees, so we decided to undertake this test,” says Jim Couch, President of HealthWise.

Not surprisingly, HealthWise came out on top with the least acidic results.

The metric for the test was the pH scale, which ranges from 0 to 14. Zero is the most acidic score and 14 is the least acidic, or most alkaline. Pure water is around 7.0, an unroasted coffee bean is acidic at 5.0, and normal body pH hovers at slightly alkaline, around 7.4. The human body must work to maintain this pH when it comes in contact with materials of different pH levels.

For pH Challenge competitors, coffees were chosen that matched HealthWise in origin, i.e. 100% Colombian if available, and each coffee’s recommended amount of ground coffee per ounce of water was used. The test was conducted in a test kitchen and not a laboratory, the same bottled natural spring water was used for each test of freshly brewed coffee, and the manufacturer of the device used to measure the pH level claims a degree of accuracy of plus or minus .01 pH. The results are as follows:

Results for National Brands:

Folgers Gourmet 5.69

Starbucks House 5.53

Folgers Simply Smooth 5.50

Tully’s  5.36

Papa Nicholas 5.27

Java Delight 5.23

Dunkin Donuts 5.18

Eight O’Clock 5.07

Hillsbrothers 5.01

Results for Low Acid Brands:

HealthWise 6.18

Puroast (According to Puroast’s Website, their pH tests at 5.81)

Hevla 5.75

The pH scale is logarithmic, so each whole pH value below 7 is 10 times more acidic than the preceding number. Thus, Hillsbrothers at a pH of 5.01 is nearly 12 times more acidic than HealthWise (6.18 less 5.01 = 1.17 x10).

“We believe that HealthWise is the best choice for all coffee drinkers, but especially for those concerned with the amount of acid they bring into their diet,” says Jim Couch. “It would be beneficial if people to be were more aware of the amount of acid they consume daily, and what happens within their bodies when they consume too much.” Too much acid can result in heartburn, GERD, or even more serious issues. The body may compensate for this extra acid through methods which are sometimes detrimental to health, including drawing minerals from bones to neutralize acid.


HealthWise Gourmet Coffees LLC is a roaster and marketer of low acid coffees, and one of only several in the United States. Low acid is the first new coffee category since decaffeinated coffee was first developed in the early 1900s. Healthwise is proud to offer its unique, great-tasting, low-acid coffee to consumers nationwide. Tested by both the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, its TechnoRoasting™ process allows its coffee to retain many of the minerals lost by other roasting processes, while resulting in a product 40% lower in acid than traditional coffees. HealthWise Coffee is available in a variety of flavors in 12-ounce packages, as well as fraction packs for the foodservice and office coffee supply industries. For more information about HealthWise Gourmet Coffees, please visit