DIY Projects for Used Coffee Grounds

Do you throw out your old coffee grounds every day? These projects give new life to your old grounds, reduce waste, save money, and create some useful items!

1.       Body Scrub

Grind the beans enough so there are no sharp edges, and use leftover grounds mixed with water to create smooth skin.

2.       Hair Conditioner

Approximately once a week, mix coffee grounds with your conditioner and gently scrub your scalp for several minutes. Expect your hair to have shinier, brighter-looking strands.

3.       Hand De-Stinker

Have you ever cooked with garlic, onions, or fish and noticed the odors sticking around? Quickly eliminate them by rubbing a scoop of coffee grounds between your palms.

4.       Pan Scrubber and De-Greaser

Ever had a pan with overcooked scrambled eggs? Try sprinkling old grounds onto a sponge or cloth and scouring the food that is stuck to your dishes. The abrasiveness will help un-stick stubborn foods.

5.       Shoe Deodorizer

Skip the toxic air fresheners and de-smell your sneakers by sprinkling used coffee grounds in your shoes.

6.       Furniture Scratch Remover

Camouflage minor scratches on dark wood furniture by dipping a cotton swab into used coffee grounds and dabbing onto the offending marks. For a larger area, mix used grounds with ¼ cup warm water and ¼ vinegar, shake the mixture and allow it to steep for an hour before applying. Make sure to test a small spot first!


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