Who's Drinking HealthWise Coffee?

HealthWise Coffee has thousands of satisfied customers. Here's what a few had to say:

Your Coffee is one of the best out there and your reduced acid decaf is unrivaled.

Don M| Brownsville, Wisconsin

Due to the normal acid levels I haven't been able to drink coffee for many years - until I discovered Healthwise. Thank you for providing low acid, organic coffee! Love it!

Tami| Clark Fork, Idaho

This is the best low acid coffee I have found. I just purchased an extra bag to give as a gift for someone else to try it. I'm sure they will like it.

Tammy P| Marion, Virginia

I and my family love your coffee. I think we have tried almost all the flavors. Our favorites by far are the original and the Swiss Mocha Chocolate. I have a terminal stomach disease called Gastroparesis which was diagnosed with in 2012 and I also suffer from acid reflux. Your coffee is the only one I can drink without setting off a GP flare-up or causing my acid reflux to act up. I am so thankful we found your company. My father in law has some stomach issues and he drinks your decaf coffee several times a day. My husband loves how smooth your coffee is and no longer drinks anything else. I have recommended HealthWise to friends and family as well as patients at my GI doctor's office. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

Angelia T.| Woodway, TX

I, as a 68 year old with stomach inflammation, have been tapering off coffee for many years. The acid was so irritating that even one cup in the morning would not let me sleep at night! Even with milk or cream, and even decaf would keep me awake with an aching stomach for most of the night. I had surrendered to knowing I had to stop drinking coffee. Then I was talking with a friend who had just developed GERD and had been experimenting with Swiss-water processed coffees. He told me that Healthwise was the ONLY one his stomach could handle. So I tried it and I am a coffee drinker once again. Hurray! Just a few months later that friend had a heart event and passed. Now I think of him with thankfulness everyday when I drink my Healthwise. Grateful.

Debby H| Monument, Colorado

I want to thank you for the best low acid coffee. I was diagnosed with Acid reflux and the main culprit was my coffee intake. I was referred by my nutritionist to try low acid coffee and I found online the Healthwise brand. I JUST LOVE IT! Not only is the taste fantastic but also I can drink my beloved coffee and NO ACID REFLUX whatsoever! I'm in for the long run with Healthwise great tasting low acid coffee. I now referred my brother because he has the same acid problems.

Maria S| Albuquerque, NM

My wife & I and coffee drinking family & guests are all very impressed by the Healthwise Supremo coffees. It has allowed me to continue to enjoy coffee and control acid reflux; we all enjoy the taste. Mixing regular & decaf has provided all day refreshment. Thanks for the product and the very affordable cost.

Bob & Pat S| Ann Arbor, Michigan

I was delighted to find decaf coffee in your line, advertised as low acid. Thank you. Good coffee!

Arlyce M| Corsicana, Texas

I have interstitial cystitis and am very limited to what I can safely eat and drink. After a number of years not being able to have a cup of coffee in the morning I discovered your low acid decaf coffee. I am so happy to enjoy a cup of coffee now. Thank you for giving me one of life's simple pleasures back.

Priscilla J.| Peabody, MA

I've been drinking HealthWise for several years now. The low acid makes a huge difference on my stomach. especially in the morning on an empty stomach. Great, smooth taste.

Kathy L.| Bergland, MI

I really enjoy HealthWise coffee -- I drink it every morning and my stomach thanks me for it!

Doris M.| New York, NY

One of my favorite qualities of HealthWise coffee: it's never bitter when reheated - I often reheat day old coffee and it tastes like it's just been brewed!

Ann R.| Palatine, IL

I love, love, LOVE Healthwise's swiss water decaffeinated coffee! It's so nice to enjoy a smooth, mellow, low acid decaf coffee that has used only pure water to remove the caffeine from it - no harsh chemicals! Keep up the great work!

James M| De Pere Wisconsin

I have suffered from GERD as a result of a hiatal hernia for over 10 years now, and drinking coffee was next to impossible. I would always end up with a really nauseating feeling and a constant acid-like taste coming up from my stomach. I thought originally that it was the boldness of the roast, so I tried alternatives like blonde roasts or something not as bold, and that did not resolve the issues. I was about to give up when I stumbled upon this site just from a simple Google search! I figured it may be my last resort so I decided to give it a whirl...and I am happy to say you guys have a customer for life! No more stomach issues, and the coffee is great! There is no lack of taste, and the flavored coffees are superb! I highly recommend this brand to anyone suffering from stomach issues.

Thomas B.| Depoe Bay, OR

I know we sometimes say things are life changing but seriously, finding this coffee truly changed my life. I have had major stomach issues since my 20's. I had thought maybe my changes to my digestive system had something to do with having children. I just learned to live with it. At 56 I had to give up caffeine for 2 weeks while dealing with a health issue and taking antibiotics. I noticed my stomach issues were gone. With great sadness, I gave up my beloved coffee. I LOVE COFFEE! Coffee or dessert? I'm going to pick coffee every time. Fast forward 4 months. I'm watching TV and looking on Amazon and see that there is low acid coffee... WHAT?! Could this be my answer? Could I possibly be able to enjoy my favorite drink with no tummy stress? I had to try it. I have now been enjoying HealthWise coffee for 7 months. I have ordered from Amazon and your website. The taste is rich and smooth. I am so happy that I can be a coffee drinker again. Thank you for making such a difference in my life and creating a product that can be enjoyed and appreciated every single day.

Charleen G| Rockwood, TN