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Who's Drinking HealthWise?

HealthWise has thousands of satisfied customers. Here's what a few had to say:

I continue to be thrilled with the organic low acid coffee, in fact I have an order placement every two weeks for the past 3 years and enjoy a delicious coffee without issues. Come join the club and enjoy!

Catherine F.| West Columbia, SC

My husband and I love your coffee, especially since we both have acid and digestive issues. I prefer this coffee my husband makes for me every morning over any other named brands. Keep up the great work and thanks for the great coffee!

Linda B.| Barefoot Bay, FL

We have been drinking HealthWise coffee for several years. My husband has IBS and this way he can "have his cake and eat it too." In a coffee challenge this coffee would come out on top!

Diana T.| Mount Prospect, IL

I was having serious stomach issues. Doctor said NO ACID FOODS OR DRINKS. I totally went off coffee and missed my morning cups badly! I discovered HealthWise Swiss Water Decaf and it is WONDERFUL! Stomach issues have cleared up and I still have my coffee! Thank you SO much for offering this great-tasting perfect coffee!

Constance O.| Ely, MN

HealthWise Coffee is the Only coffee I can drink due to stomach difficulties. It is Fantastic and Delicious! Plus HealthWise Coffee has helped me lose weight, using it as my "go-to" beverage when those unhealthy cravings attack. Thank you HealthWise! You are the Greatest!

Susan N.| Laurel, MS

This is the best coffee on earth! Smooth and absolutely delicious!

Carol K.| Gilbertsville, PA

It's the best tasting coffee that I've tasted and have zero issues with my stomach from this product -- best coffee on the market!

Craig B.| Santa Rosa Beach, FL

I sampled your coffee from an advertisement online, due to my love for coffee and an annoying stomach issue. Your low acid coffee is amazingly non-irritating to my stomach, and to my surprise at the same time it tastes great! I would and have recommended this coffee to my family and friends. Keep up the good work, your coffee is awesome!

Linda O.| Kerhonkson, NY

I have interstitial cystitis and am very limited to what I can safely eat and drink. After a number of years not being able to have a cup of coffee in the morning I discovered your low acid decaf coffee. I am so happy to enjoy a cup of coffee now. Thank you for giving me one of life's simple pleasures back.

Priscilla J.| Peabody, MA

I've been drinking HealthWise for several years now. The low acid makes a huge difference on my stomach. especially in the morning on an empty stomach. Great, smooth taste.

Kathy L.| Bergland, MI

I really enjoy HealthWise coffee -- I drink it every morning and my stomach thanks me for it!

Doris M.| New York, NY

One of my favorite qualities of HealthWise coffee: it's never bitter when reheated - I often reheat day old coffee and it tastes like it's just been brewed!

Ann R.| Palatine, IL

I and my family love your coffee. I think we have tried almost all the flavors. Our favorites by far are the original and the Swiss Mocha Chocolate. I have a terminal stomach disease called Gastroparesis which was diagnosed with in 2012 and I also suffer from acid reflux. Your coffee is the only one I can drink without setting off a GP flare-up or causing my acid reflux to act up. I am so thankful we found your company. My father in law has some stomach issues and he drinks your decaf coffee several times a day. My husband loves how smooth your coffee is and no longer drinks anything else. I have recommended HealthWise to friends and family as well as patients at my GI doctor's office. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

Angelia T.| Woodway, TX

I have suffered from GERD as a result of a hiatal hernia for over 10 years now, and drinking coffee was next to impossible. I would always end up with a really nauseating feeling and a constant acid-like taste coming up from my stomach. I thought originally that it was the boldness of the roast, so I tried alternatives like blonde roasts or something not as bold, and that did not resolve the issues. I was about to give up when I stumbled upon this site just from a simple Google search! I figured it may be my last resort so I decided to give it a whirl...and I am happy to say you guys have a customer for life! No more stomach issues, and the coffee is great! There is no lack of taste, and the flavored coffees are superb! I highly recommend this brand to anyone suffering from stomach issues.

Thomas B.| Depoe Bay, OR

I am a decaf coffee drinker and your coffee is the best flavored coffee I have ever had. And I have tried them all. Great flavor at a great per cup price. Perfect!

Junior S.| Ozark, AR