Coffee Consumption Linked to Reduced Risk of Malignant Brain Tumors

The chance of developing brain cancer is fortunately very slight.  According to a recent study, drinking coffee and tea perhaps can make the chance even more slight!

A recently released study of over 500,000 European men and women pointed to a lessened risk of developing gliomas among coffee and tea drinkers.  Gliomas are a group of brain tumors that result in 80 percent of malignant cancer of the brain.

The study was led by Dominique Michaud from Brown University, Providence Rhode Island and Imperial College of London.  There were 521,488 men and women who responded to a detailed questionnaire about the their diet and lifestyle habits.  The study group was cancer-free in the beginning of the study and with an average followup of 8.5 years, the researchers found that those people who drank at least 3.5 ounces of coffee or tea per day were one-third less likely to be diagnosed with glioma than those who drank no coffee or tea.  No such association was found with non-malignant brain cancer.

Just four to six women per 100,000 women develop brain cancer, with men a little more – six to eight per 100,000.  Those morning cups of coffee just might make those statistics even better!


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