Good For Your Heart — Another Coffee Success Study

We’ve long known that coffee is good for your heart.  Coffee is loaded with antioxidants — those molecules that help stop the chain reactions of free radicals in your system.  And by stopping those chain reactions, a person is much better off in defense against cancer and heart disease.  Now there is a new study which shows that regular coffee consumption aids those people with heart rhythm problems.

The study was led by Dr. Arthur Klatsky, a senior consultant at Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in California, and looked at the rate of hospitalization of more than 130,000 people.  The study found that the risk of being hospitalized for heart rhythm disturbances was 18% lower for people who reported drinking four or more cups of coffee a day.

The study did not indicate why coffee would help reduce heart rhythm problems.  Dr. Klatsky was quoted as saying “Coffee drinkers don’t have to quit because they have heart rhythm problems.”

Results of the study are being presented this week by the American Heart Association at its 50th Annual Conference on cardiovascular diseases.


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