“An Unashamed Defense of Coffee” – Great Read!

Coffee is certainly a great deal more than caffeine.

  • Coffee is loaded with bioactive chemical compounds that help prevent a host of ailments!
  • The green coffee bean has the greatest concentration of antioxidants of anything grown!
  • Coffee does not stain your teeth!
  • Coffee is healthier than colas, tea, chocolate, wine, and spirits!

Despite all that, coffee has received a bad rap over the centuries….even though today over 1 billion people started their day with coffee.

Two Ph.D.s have spent their careers in the study of coffee and its effects on human pleasure and human health, and have written a wonderful book in support of coffee.

The book is titled “An Unashamed Defense of Coffee….101 Reasons to Drink Coffee Without Guilt”. The authors are Roseane M. Santos, and Darcy R. Lima.

The book’s Preface indicates this is the first book in history to make an “unashamed defense of coffee”, and has this to conclude:

“For now, we provide you with 101 reasons to drink coffee without guilt.  Our objective is to provide updated information on leading facts about the modern science of coffee, from its chemistry to consumer’s health effects, in as few words as possible, leaving them to be tested, confirmed, amplified, or freed from obscurity by the reflection of our readers.”

The 351 page book is available from the publisher Xlibris and can be purchased online at www.xlibris.com, in paperback or hardcover.  HealthWise customers can obtain a copy on a loaner basis.


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