Leaves and Coffee Could Make for Great Garden Next Year!

Instead of burning your leaves this fall, try mixing them with old coffee grounds for a nutrient-rich compost your garden will love.  Leaves are high in carbon, and coffee is high in nitrogen, making them a great combination for compost.  The ideal carbon to nitrogen ratio is about 25 or 30 parts carbon to one part nitrogen.  The nitrogen from the coffee grounds provides the fuel for the composting to occur, so make sure you have enough.  If there is too much carbon present, decomposition will slow down, and too much nitrogen results in a smelly pile.
You can also add grass clippings or other green garden matter to add nitrogen, or wood chips and mulch to raise the carbon content.  Moisten your leaves and coffee mixture so it is the consistency of a wet sponge.  It will begin to get warm as it “cooks.” 
Incorporate your compost mixture into your soil for your best garden ever!


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