Nighttime Heartburn

Nighttime heartburn is now thought to be more common than previously thought, with eight out of ten acid reflux sufferers experiencing heartburn at night.
In addition to acidic food consumption, nighttime heartburn can be affected by gravity and swallowing habits.  When people are sleeping and lying down, stomach acid can easily creep up into the esophagus, as opposed to when they are sitting or standing upright.  Saliva helps keep our bodies’ pH in check; when people swallow less at night, less saliva meets the esophagus to neutralize the stomach acid that may be there.  Both of these factors contribute to the occurrence of nighttime heartburn.
Even for people who are especially susceptible to acid reflux and the symptoms that are associated with it, cutting back on acidic foods and beverages, especially around bedtime, is a great way to help reduce these symptoms’ unpleasant effects.  Also, it is helpful to seek out foods lower in acid, such as HealthWise Coffee! 


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