Coffee May Lower Risk of Uterine Cancer

Women who drink a lot of coffee may have less risk of developing cancer of the uterus, according to a Japanese study recently released.

Researchers from Japan’s National Cancer Center conducted a study of 53,724 Japanese women to determine whether coffee consumption had any effect upon the risk of developing endometrial cancer, the most common type of uterine cancer. Over the course of the 15-year-long study 117 women developed endometrial cancer.

Results showed that coffee consumption was significantly associated with a decreased risk of endometrial cancer. In fact, women who drank more than three cups of coffee per day were more than 60% less likely to develop endometrial cancer than women who drank fewer than two cups of coffee per week.

“Coffee may have effects in lowering insulin levels, possibly curbing the risks of developing womb cancer”, the study said.

The medical team also studied the effects of drinking green tea, but did not find any link to uterine cancer.

Endometrial cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.


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