Coffee as a health drink? Yes

According to Dawn Mackeen at  New York Times

After years of debating whether coffee is bad for us, the argument has made a dramatic U-turn: Is coffee good for us?

The answer is yes. In moderation, coffee seems to be good for most people — that's three to five daily cups, or up to 400 milligrams of caffeine.

"The evidence is pretty consistent that coffee is associated with a lower risk of mortality," said Erikka Loftfield, a research fellow at the National Cancer Institute.

For years, coffee was believed to be a possible carcinogen. But in 2015, research that controlled for lifestyle factors, like how many heavy coffee drinkers also smoked, refuted that premise.

Since then, the swing has gone even further. A large 2017 review on coffee consumption and human health in the British Medical Journal found that moderate coffee drinkers had less cardiovascular disease and premature death from all causes.

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