How CBD Can Make Parenting A Breeze

Enjoying Coffee infused with CBD may be the best way to reap the benefits of CBD!

With all the controversy over making recreational marijuana legal throughout the states, many people may not have heard about CBD oil. At first, CBD hit the market by storm, but it is no longer as controversial an issue.

However, that doesn't mean CBD isn't something to talk about. In fact, CBD has been proven to have so many health benefits, and it can even help you to be a better parent.

What is CBD?

CBD is called cannabidiol. It is a complex chemical called a cannabinoid that is derived from the flowers of both hemp and marijuana plants. It cannot get you high and is not marijuana! CBD is extracted from the plant and has trace amounts of THC (the chemicals that gets you high). Thus, it is legal in most states. CBD can be taken in the following ways:

We have cannabinoids in our own bodies that help keep our bodies in homeostasis. These cannabinoids are found in our Endocannabinoid system in which there are two cannabinoid receptors.

CBD is much like the cannabinoids in our bodies. It works with the same receptors to allow a plethora of benefits. However, those dose of CBD is different depending on which benefit you are seeking. CBD Oil: Information for Busy Moms is a great read that will give you more insight on CBD and how to take it.

How CBD can Help You be a Better Parent

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding as well as one of the most challenging jobs you will ever have. Sometimes, the stresses of life drag us down, keep us tired, give us anxiety, and ultimately make us feel like bad parents. Although you aren't a bad parent, these stresses can make it seem like you are.

However, you can become a better parent with the help of CBD. Here is how CBD can help you be a better parent:

It Alleviates Anxiety

When we have anxiety, it can make us lash out on others, especially our children. Anxiety can also make us fearful of allowing our children to explore the world around them. Sometimes, anxiety is good, but if you are having anxiety on a daily basis, it may be difficult to parent the way you would like to. CBD has been effective in helping people with anxiety as well as social anxiety. Eliminating your anxiety can help you relax and be a better parent. 

It Combats Depression

As a parent, there is such a thing as postpartum depression. However, if you are a father, you can also suffer from paternal postnatal depression. Depression makes it hard to parent, hard to get things done that need done, and can just be downright unbearable. Research has found that CBD can be comparable to tricyclic medication imipramine which is an antidepressant. However, CBD gives you a more organic way to feel happy.

It Helps with Menstrual Cramps

We all know that when "Aunt Flo" comes to town, we kind of turn into the Incredible Hulk and see red more often than not. I mean, you bleed for 7 days and don't die; that would make anyone a little moody. With hormonal changes, pain, and just feeling yucky, you may not feel like being the best parent in the world. CBD at its core reduces inflammation thus alleviating some of your menstrual pain. CBD does this by inhibiting COX-2 which helps reduce inflammation in the body.

It Helps With Sleep

Let's face it; children do not like to let us parents sleep. Whether they are little or they are teenagers who aren't back in time for curfew. Of course, when you don't get enough sleep, you get cranky, irritable, and can be a less than perfect parent. What is more is when you feel tired and sluggish throughout the day, you don't burn enough energy to help you sleep well the next night, thus, the cycle continues.

However, CBD can help make sleep come easier as well as combat the daytime sleepiness that causes you to be irritable. You will want to take CBD in a small dose throughout the day and then increase the dose at night to induce sleep. This will help get your sleep rhythm back in balance.


Keep in mind that no matter how you feel, you are a good parent. CBD is only there to help alleviate symptoms that may make us feel less than a good parent. Anxiety, pain, and lack of sleep can make us all less than perfect. But, CBD can help combat some of the symptoms we have while parenting to help us feel better and thus be a better parent.

If you are thinking about trying CBD, be sure to talk to your doctor to make sure it is best for you.

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