What Your Coffee Says About Your Personality?

We prefer our coffees without extras...but this is fun to read!

I read an article a while ago explaining different coffee beverages and what those beverages say about your date.

I thought it would be interesting to interview a few people, and see what those real people thought of various coffee drinkers and the personalities usually attached to them.

What does your coffee say about your Personality?

The results are in!

Personalities of Coffee Drinkers

Black Coffee A leader, not a follower. Knows what they like, and sticks to it. Likes control, and avoids conflict or change. Hard working, more minimalist, not materialistic, can be quieter, honest, and direct.

Espresso Similar to black coffee drinkers, but even more ambitious. Does not tolerate insufficiencies or failures. Always on the go. This type of person is usually punctual, in control, and sticks to a strict schedule. This makes them reliable and loyal. They know themselves well.

Cappuccino Details are important to the cappuccino drinker. They like things precise and are meticulous in their work. May be artistic and creative, they do not follow trends, and are intriguing. Even though they are detail-oriented, they may not share details of their own life. Introverted, imaginative, and skilled.

Latte More of a trend follower. Afraid to experiment. Often more youthful, comforting, pleasant, and friendly. Can be confrontational, but still want to please others. Appearance and aesthetics are important to latte drinkers.

Frozen Blended Coffee/Frappuccino May be a follower of trends, enjoys desserts and sweets, lives life with less controlling attitude, spur-of-the-moment attitude, more materialistic, indulges, and takes chances.

Decaf Coffee Can be light-hearted, less stressed, but others may be uptight. Simple, mild, avoids controversy and argument, afraid to take risk, avoids challenges. Wants the best for their life.

Tea and Soy Milk Coffees These are lumped together because they are traditional coffee alternatives, and these types of people tend to be concerned about the environment, their health, and may be a little egocentric or high maintenance. Many are vegetarian, vegan, or follow a specific diet. Interviewees also described them as chill, earthy, picky, and prudish.

Written by Nicole German (RD, LD) for Healthy Eater and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@getmatcha.com.

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