Why Coffee and Cacao are Great for Your Gut Health, according to RDs

Recently, an article from Well + Good highlights the benefits of bitter foods that are good for your digestion! According to Theresa Shank RD, bitter foods can have a sharp, tannic, and sometimes pungent flavor and include vegetables, fruit, herbs, and drinks. Some bitter foods are subtle in flavor, and many also express elements of sweetness, sourness, and so on. Offering a list of 10 foods and drinks, coffee is on the list (naturally!) and while most coffee can be bitter, our TechnoRoasting process removes the bitterness so you can benefit from coffee's great health properties without the need to mask the bitterness with highly processed creamers or sweeteners.

9. Coffee

Coffee drinkers, we have good news: you're already consuming something bitter regularly. Similar to green tea, coffee is also linked to benefitting the brain and heart. And of course, it certainly comes with an energy boost, too. To access the entire article click this link! https://www.wellandgood.com/bitter-foods/

Watch the video below to learn more about the health benefits of coffee:



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