Acidic Diet May Raise Diabetes Risk

acid food

Researchers at the Gustave Roussy Institute in France have found that a diet high in acidic foods- like meat, fish, and sodas may put some women at a greater risk for developing Type II Diabetes. French women with higher scores on a measure of dietary acidity had a whopping 70% greater risk of developing Diabetes compared to those whose diets were more alkaline!

Their acidoc diets involved higher intake of fat and animal protein, and a lower intake of carbohydrates. The diet was also linked to a higher intake of phosphorus, calcium, and sodium, as well as lower magnesium. Specific foods constituting an acidic diet included more meat, fish, cheese, bread, and soft drinks, while more alkaline diets involved more dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and coffee.

Highly acidic diets have also been linked to problems with teeth, bones, and the digestive tract.  Because of these risks and other factors, it’s very important to maintain a good pH balance within the body.  Coffee is typically an acidic beverage as well, which is one reason HealthWise is a great option for people who enjoy coffee but want to reduce the acidic foods they’re ingesting.


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