Lemons and Acidity

lemon dd

You may know that our bodies have an ideal pH of 7.4, and various acidic and alkaline factors in our diets can affect this and make it difficult for us to maintain our proper pH level. The kidneys filter blood and regulate body chemistry to maintain pH; however, if you consume too much acid-forming food, your pH balance will alter and lean toward being more acidic and less alkaline. Maybe sensitivity to acid is one of the reasons you drink HealthWise Coffee.

Most processed foods, meat, dairy and cooked foods are acid-forming. Alkaline foods include raw fruits, vegetables and sprouts. Lemons are known to be very acidic, but surprisingly have an alkalizing effect on the body when ingested.  They can help restore your body to natural pH levels- try putting a few slices in your water each day or drinking lemon water after an especially acidic meal.  Additionally, with cold and flu season coming up, it’s helpful to know that lemons are one of the most concentrated natural sources of vitamin C! Juicing a few lemons in water each day will provide you with more than 100% of the recommended daily value.


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