Coffee Reduces Pain


In addition to all of the other recent discoveries about coffee’s health benefits (protecting against dementia, certain types of cancers, risk of premature death, and more), reducing physical pain may also be added to the list!  A group of participants recently spent 90 minutes performing fake computer tasks, meant to mimic a day doing office work.  Typically, these tasks can cause pain in the shoulders, neck, forearms and wrists.  Participants were told they could drink coffee or not before the study, whichever was their typical routine.


The researchers at Norway’s National Institute of Occupational Health found that the 19 people who drank coffee before the study began reported a lower intensity of pain than the 29 people who did not.  Pain intensity gaps were found in all pain sites measured and the effect was true regardless of whether the participants already experienced chronic pain.  While it’s hard to know the other factors involved in the study, it looks like coffee drinkers have a less painful workday!


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