Coffee Helps Parkinson’s Symptoms


Parkinson’s disease symptoms may be eased by drinking coffee, a new study found published in the August issue of Neurology.  It is just one of many recent studies tying coffee to health benefits.


Parkinson’s is a brain disease that causes tremors, and difficulty with movement and coordination.  It’s a degenerative disease and most commonly develops in adults over 50.  Its cause is unknown. 


This study tracked 61 people with Parkinson’s- some were given caffeine pills and some placebos.  The caffeinated group had about 200 milligrams twice per day, about 2-4 cups of coffee.  Six weeks later, those taking the caffeine had a 5 point improvement on the severity of their symptoms, compared to the placebo group.  While other studies have showed that those who drink coffee are less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, this is the first that shows an improvement in symptoms tied to coffee.  Encouraging news!


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