5 Reasons to Say Yes to Coffee

Lowers Risk of Overall Disease: Numerous studies have shown those who regularly drink coffee are at a lower risk of certain types of cancers (breast, liver, prostate, skin), Diabetes, and Parkinson’s Disease, and depression.   This isn’t surprising considering coffee is the #1 source of disease-preventing antioxidants in the US diet!

Increases Memory Function: Two cups of coffee per day improves memory function for up to two hours after consumption, mainly due to the effects of the caffeine.

Lowers Stroke Risk: The American Journal of Epidemiology has published that drinking 3-4 cups daily reduces stroke risk by about 17%- wow!

Improves Stamina: Drinking one cup of coffee before running or working out can increase stamina by about 40%.  Added bonus: coffee helps ease muscle pain post-workout and in days following.

Tastes Great: HealthWise Coffee is always rich and never bitter, thanks to its special roasting process.  Higher in vitamins and minerals than other coffees, it’s easy on the stomach as a low acid coffee. Coffee consumption is at an all-time high, and its health benefits are as well!


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