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Jun 26, 2009

Bad Breath? Don’t Blame the Coffee!

New laboratory tests have shown that an extract from coffee can inhibit the bacteria that lead to bad breath, scientists...
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May 13, 2009

Trace Minerals and Our Health

Did you know our bodies use over 80 different minerals to stay healthy? When we think of these minerals, most...
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Apr 17, 2009

More on Caffeine, Pregnancy and Decaf

Although pregnant and nursing women have been advised to limit caffeine use, 60 percent of women claim to have consumed...
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Apr 03, 2009

Good Nutrition!

Good nutrition helps us to better cope with our emotions, thus better enabling us to manage stress, depression and anxiety....
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Mar 06, 2009

Low Acid Foods Reduce Cellulite

With beach season coming up, many people are seeking anti-cellulite treatments.  A major factor in developing this common condition is...
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