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Mar 04, 2009

More on Calcium and Cancer

National Cancer Institute Duke University nutrition researcher Participants were AARP members aged 50 to 71 Compared with people who got...
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Jan 06, 2009

Coffee May Protect Against Oral Cancers

New research indicates that drinking coffee lowers the risk of developing cancer of the oral cavity or throat, at least...
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Jan 02, 2009

Coffee Gives More of a Boost to Men, but Women Respond to Decaf

Caffeine gives more of a boost to men than women, according to new research. But the same study found that...
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Nov 04, 2008

Pregnant Women Advised to Drink No More Than Two Cups of Coffee a Day

A recent study from Leeds and Leicester Universities in the UK indicates that pregnant women who drink more than 200mg...
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Oct 24, 2008

Coffee and Chocolate are Key to Long Life!

  Professor Gary Williamson, from the department of food science at Leeds University in the UK, has produced a list...
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